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Cheadle Hulme

As the NHS continues to work incredibly hard to provide care for patients and save lives we start the year with new lockdown rules and guidance and a new stay at home message that has now seen Schools and Colleges closed.


We have always valued a safe and happy workspace and are incredibly grateful to all our team and their family bubbles, who in the first few days of week one figured out at a rota and moved days and hours around to allow them to look after children and for us to provide the service we want to the clients who are moving, both sales and rentals, over the coming months.


At the beginning of the first lockdown we enabled all our team to work remotely and we continue with a combination of home and office work adhering strictly to the Government guidelines and additional measures we all agreed to ensure our safety and comfort and that of our clients.


We do feel very lucky to have such flexibility, remote or home working was a new concept for many, some love it, others don’t! and it does have its challenges, we have all seen zoom calls with young children bursting into rooms hunting for an elusive piece of Lego or to launch their lunch across the table, carrots are the favourite missile it seems.


At my end of the zoom call my sidekick is my dog who seems to be quite happy to sit on the chair behind me or on my lap, at first I was a bit awkward about it, but like the parents of the Lego hunters and carrot throwers it is real life and we are all trying our best to make it work, thankfully it’s the dogs day off today so I can write this in peace.


(We will post on social media information about the safety measures we are taking, please message us if you need any help or have any questions.)




Robert Snowden