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Cheadle Hulme

If you are looking to move soon or even in the future now may be the time to consider decluttering your home, after all we have all got a little more time on our hands!


I recently went to see a Gentleman who had lived in his house since the 1970s and over a cup of tea we chatted about his time in the house, all his happy memories and his plans to downsize and look to the future.


The conversation came round to preparing the house ready for photographs and of course viewings when he realised the need to declutter a lifetime of possessions, but... where to start?


  “Don’t keep anything that isn’t useful or beautiful” a simple quote I once heard but not so simple to execute! 


But there is a simple plan to make your home look and feel less cluttered:

  • Keep pile (the useful and beautiful)


  • Recycle pile (the broken, unused and rubbish)


  • Donate pile, charity shops or gift to friends (the items that fall in the middle)


It can be hard and the gentleman I mentioned found it no easy task but one drawer, one carrier bag, even one handful at a time can get the ball rolling and clearing a lifetime of possessions will get easier and can even be fun, friends may also be grateful to make use of items that have just been stored away and unused by you.


If you are selling your home, it will look great on photographs, feel better to viewers and when you move who knows you may not need such a big removal van after all.


Good luck and let me know if you find an old action man from the 1970s, I can’t find mine anywhere!


Rob Snowden

Knit One, Purl One, Kill One': 1970s Emasculating Action Man Knitting  Patterns - Flashbak