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Cheadle Hulme

Anyone who remembers the 1980s will remember the music of Tears for Fears and the fact there was not a great deal to do back then, other than walk the streets, sit on benches in the park with your friends and talk, which now sounds rather familiar as under the “new tiers” the parks are busy, the benches are full and the streets are well trodden again as many of us seemingly re live our earlier years in ways we never thought we would (although I personally was not so keen to walk the dog back then).


Just across the road from our office in Cheadle Hulme Oak Meadow Park is a popular spot for a quick stroll and a chat and Bramhall Park is the  destination of choice for these winter weekends, no log fires in the Hesketh, The Church Inn, or “The Milly” instead muddy boots, muddy children and of course very muddy dogs.


In October, we all took part in a challenge to run or walk 50kmto raise money for Prostate Cancer which was fun and in aid of a very worthy cause and as we clocked up the distance on the roads and in the parks of Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall it was lovely to stop and chat to people we may not have seen for a while, for a few minutes here and there and think how we are very lucky to live close to such open spaces and have the chance to say hello to so many lovely people.


Hoping that everyone is coping with what we are all faced with and I am looking forward to leaving the dog lead at home at least one day soon and sitting near a log fire with my friends and family.


Rob Snowden