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Cheadle Hulme

As we continue our second week of working at home I felt like this would be a great opportunity to share with you my thoughts on using the extra time we have now to improve your home. As a property professional and somebody who enjoys D.I.Y this opened up endless opportunities to not only change my living space but to also improve the sell ability and curb appeal of my home when I do come to sell.   

Well the first thing is where to start? Now with most things having a plan set in place not only lets you be more organized but allows you to set an end goal and with any house the curb appeal is the first thing we see, Get outside and get that driveway, path & front step clean. Now a power washer works perfectly to get rid of those old weeds and winter grime but a bucket of bleached water and a stiff brush work just the same. Trim any bushes back, mow any grassed areas and if you share a lawn do the neighbours half, its time like this when these acts go that extra mile! A back garden to any house is such an asset so continue to take the same approach as you have taken to the front. Some advice I would personally give would be to maintain your lawn. Grass over the winter months will create thatch which is usually a combination of dead leaves and matter which builds up in your lawn. If you grab a rake and start to rake the grass you will be amazed at how much of this is actually in your lawn. Once removed and away from the grass scatter a grass feed onto the garden, you will see bald patches but after a week the grass will come back stronger greener and provide that perfect lawn for the upcoming months. I have used Evergreen complete 4 in 1 as its reasonably priced (£10-£20 dependent on size delivered to your door) and most importantly its pet and child friendly once dry. Finish off by neatening up those borders de weeding any unwanted visitors and straighten up anything you can.

Now we have sorted outside the next steps would be to work out what you can do to benefit your home internally. From meeting people daily at their homes and showing prospective buyers potential new abodes it gives me the upper hand in knowing what people want but also seeing numerous ways of how people style and utilize their space. One thing we needed to improve on at home was to utilize the storage to the best of our ability. Living in a 1970's 3 bed semi storage was not something that we were inundated with however what we had we were not using to our best ability. We sat back and decided between us that somewhere to store the shoes, more coats and those few extra bits would be ideal so we got to work on our under stairs cupboards. We found a tin of white paint in the shed and covered the only bit of 70s mustard paint which remained in the house and it was amazing how fresh something like an under stairs cupboard could become. We had some basic home shelving delivered and 3 coat hooks, all in the cupboard cost us £25 to do.




Going forward we are going to look at doing the simple things that have those big effects;

  1. Re sealing the bathroom & kitchen
  2. Filling any holes and cracks (any filler and decorators caulk works great too!)
  3. Clean that oven! The amount of techniques available online with the use of cupboard supplies is endless.
  4. Deep clean those carpets, use a window squeegee on your carpets and you will be amazed with the amount of hair that’s in there (thank Mrs Hinch)
  5. Declutter those cupboards

Art is another great way to improve your home not only does it add a personal touch but gives you something to do and create. At our house we recently framed a 1970's bus banner which really looks the part along with making a family Lego portrait. I ordered a frame printed off some names and put together some Lego pieces that relate to us at home, it doesn’t have to be Lego so get creative as this is something great for all the family to get involved in.




The list goes on but the main things to take from this are to utilise your time, get those tools out, use those old paints and improve your home in a number of ways. If you would like to discuss with us anything prior to selling your home please get in touch and we will be happy to call or video chat.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home.


On the way back from a meeting with a client in Stockport I went past an old pub in the marketplace called ‘The Cocked Hat’ and their signage says ‘purveyor of good times’ which I loved. This landlord is telling everyone that you go in there and you have fun, it is a good place to be. He is selling the experience not the facts and figures.

It made me think about what we sell, yes, we sell and let property for people; they are the facts. However our role is much more that that, we manage people’s move and help them to get to the next chapter of their life which could be first time buyers moving into their first home, young families upsizing for more space or older clients looking to downsize for less space!

A lot of our business comes from repeat clients such as professional developers or people who move regularly and recommendations from previous clients. This is because the experience they have in dealing with us is impressive, we take care of our clients and we do the little extras that make all the difference such as being available to talk on our mobiles seven days a week, liaising with the full chain during a sale and negotiating for our clients on the property they are buying.  We are a local business and we really care about making the whole move happen.

So, if the Cocked Hat landlords are purveyors of good times, I would say that we, Snowden Wilkinson, are purveyors of your next chapter, purveyors of peace of mind and purveyors of easing stress.

If you are planning a move and would like to find out how we can help please contact me on 07833 448 231 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ian Wilkinson

We all met up this week with Fiona our old lettings manager.
Fiona used to look after our managed properties for landlords and for the past two years has lived in Vietnam teaching English.
She met us with her mum and it was great to catch up over a quick bite to eat in the village.
Fiona who has travelled to some places that require more nerve than luggage was “nervous” about a trip to the hairdressers the next day as she was having her hair (longer than rapunzels) cut short. Not a conversation I normally find my self in and nothing miraculous about that, but the why she was getting it cut really is.
She was donating her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children who are undergoing treatment for cancer, so on her short trip home to catch up with family friends and her “snowden wilkinson fam” as she calls us she found the time and had the heart to do that!
I suppose because I’m of a certain age I’m guilty sometimes of the “all they do is sit on their phones and take pictures of themselves” attitude but if you saw Fiona taking a picture of herself this week that’s why she wAs, to show us her new look and send off the rest to a charity that will perform an every day miracle for a child she doesn’t know.

Rob Snowden

I started my time at Snowden Wilkinson in February and what a blast of fresh air it has given me!

Working within a village that I live in and love couldn’t be a nicer experience. The Snowden Wilkinson office has the most beautiful outlook over Oak Meadow Park and more recently we have been privy to some amazing afternoon sunshine through the window.

My walk to work down some of the most desired roads in Cheadle Hulme has given me the 10 minutes of calm needed to motivate me for a busy day in the office. The phones ring off the hook, local clients drop in to do business or just say hello, and friends and family wave from car windows as they wait for a green light.

The team at Snowden Wilkinson have welcomed me with open arms. Each of them has been patient with me and spent time showing me the different aspects of the business. I have learnt so much in such little time and that is down to the open and honest nature of each person that works here.

We have recently been out together for drinks to welcome me to the team and for a girls night to support one of our regular clients charities. Both nights were a lot of fun and laughter is something that is definitely not missing in the Snowden Wilkinson office.

As some of you will know, Snowden Wilkinson has been part of my life for much longer than me starting in the office in February but I now feel truly part of the family. I can only thank each member of it for making my start here such an exciting and happy one and I hope it is only the beginning of great things to come.

Mel Wilkinson

Most of us are back to work this week after a few glorious days in the sun, either at home or on the beaches of Wales, what a weekend!

On Good Friday Ian Mel and Beth went to the Tree house Children’s Ward at Stepping Hill Hospital and delivered around 350 eggs that had been kindly donated and dropped in to our Office on Station Road, thanks so much to everyone who took part in this collection.

We were open for viewings on Saturday and the quiet roads were a bonus with all viewings attended and everyone in a great Easter weekend mood.

We were treated to an Easter service in Oak Meadow park opposite our Office which was well attended by local families and a lovely way to celebrate Easter

For those not looking at houses it was clear that the fantastic local Pubs and Restaurants were a good option as driving between appointments our team were a little envious of people of Cheadle Hulme sat outside the Millington and Gusto, but duty calls and our last viewings were 4.30 so a glimpse of the late afternoon sun was still possible, ice and lemon please.

A hop on the train from Cheadle Hulme Station was another popular option, Kate from our office took full advantage of a day off and there are bottomless brunches galore to be had in the great City that is Manchester, you can forget with so much to offer here in Cheadle Hulme that “Town” is only a few stops away, and if you’ve not been for a while, give it a go, the Northern Quarter offers something for everyone and is just a short walk from the Station.

For me I tidied the garage, found the two tape measures I had lost (and replaced) pumped up the tyres on my bike, and after work pedalled to the ………..Millington